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STL Science Center

03 December 2013

Reading A Lot About A Little

©Nobu Tamura
Europasaurus, for all of its small stature, is a fairly widely read dinosaur; meaning that people write about it quite often and it is therefore read about globally, not that the dinosaur itself read a lot of literature. An article in Systematic Paleontology discusses the postcranial axial skeleton of Europasaurus in a fair amount of detail, if you can get a copy of it for yourself. Old news articles are usually a welcome source of information as well. This Geotimes article discusses the "newly discovered" Europasaurus and gives the small dinosaur a short but emphatic introduction to the world via a non-peer reviewed entry into the literature of the world without being too sensationalist; as the media has a tendency to do with dinosaur news. I typically dislike posting a search result, it happens from time to time, but there are a few pdf's in the search for Europasaurus that cannot be linked as they open directly from the search. I recommend Sander et al.'s supplementary information (Geology and taphonomy of the Langenberg quarry locality) and at least inspecting the abstract of Bolecsek and Wings here (Europasaurus holgeri–the dwarfed dinosaur from the Late Jurassic of Germany).

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