STL Science Center

STL Science Center

12 December 2013

What Has Not Been Mentioned

This week has been fraught with popular culture references already; it almost seems like too much to devote an entire post to popular culture. However, I have barely scratched the surface of how many times Deinonychus has appeared somewhere on television or in the movies. Accepting that the dromaeosaurids of Jurassic Park are meant to be based on Crichton's description of Deinonychus (as Velociraptor) we can say that Deinonychus has appeared in at least 4 feature films; it is very safe to say that the 4th installment will have some of these fellows floating about. There are also appearances in numerous documentaries, television shows, cartoons (including Dinosaur King and Dinosaur Train), and even video games (both Zoo Tycoon and Spore models have been made). It has also appeared in many books, as many different toys, sometimes as a plush animal, as models, statues... really there is too much to link today, so I have not created links for all of these categories. Deinonychus is a very prominent dinosaur in the dinosaur figure arena. Most of the plush dinosaurs have been fairly inaccurate; this is what I would love to see as a plush version:

©John Conway

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