STL Science Center

STL Science Center

10 December 2015

How Does One Become Famous?

The greatest toys I have seen (toys always relate to popularity in, I am sure, some mathematical way) of Jeholornis are actually quite interesting in their own right. These range from stuffed animals (see below) to styrofoam flyers to full on sculpture. I have to admit that the sculpture is amazing. There is a great deal of painstaking detail in that piece and I am quite impressed with it; I would own it if I could and I had a place for it. Jeholornis has occupied our imaginations and entertained our fancies about the origin of birds, and that is probably, in part, why it is such a popular early bird. The fact that it is an early bird has a lot to do with its popularity in the realm of paleontology. There is even a book (dedicated to all Jehol fossils really) that deals extensively with little dino-bird. It may be worth picking up, but as with any scientific book, it is difficult to find for a reasonable price.

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