STL Science Center

STL Science Center

28 December 2015

Young Attenborough

Yesterday's BBC television clips were, when put together, a great short documentary definitely worthy of movie Monday. Instead of searching for a great deal of new documentaries, and there are not all that many that exist, I have decided to share a pair of videos that show just how much David Attenborough loves Aepyornis. There are many reasons that Attenborough has discussed this bird in documentaries decades apart, but he really must have some love for the birds as it has been reported that he kept one of those fossil eggs he had rebuilt while in Madagascar and, as far as the story goes, still has it some 54 years later. In the Zoo Quest to Madagascar show that these come from he also searches for lemurs and other Madagascan animals. However, the important thing is that David Attenborough discusses an egg and shows just how large those eggs were. Also of note is the fact that locals know of egg fragments despite the birds being extinct for a significant amount of time.

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