STL Science Center

STL Science Center

28 March 2016

Movies Arrive

Since 2011 (the last time we covered Lambeosaurus) a lot of short videos and tribute slideshows have been put together for Lambeosaurus and posted online.  The majority of these are newer videos are groups of photos put together over irrelevant music; the assumption I hold here is that the music is like by the person that put the video together and they have no real thought other than that behind the coupling of a dinosaur they like and music that they choose. These include videos like the one posted directly below here.
I hope to find someone some day that will make more insightful choices with their pairing of dinosaurs and music. Until then we will have to be happy with the fact that in addition to these music slideshows there also exist educational videos. These videos are not entirely limited to English language videos, as many dinosaur videos tend to be. This video is narrated and describe in Spanish which appears to be the second most likely language of educational videos on the internet (definitely a personal observation with no real scientific basis behind it).
Aside from videos like these, the most popular videos of Lambeosaurus are based on toy reviews of many different company's Lambeosaurus models. We will look at some of these on Wednesday when we look at the different types of crests that have been attributed to different species of Lambeosaurus.

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