STL Science Center

STL Science Center

06 March 2016

Kids Stegosaurus

Stegosaurus is a hit with young paleo- enthusiasts. Children love Stegosaurus. The dinosaur has a weird body that is enormous and a tiny head. It also has amazing looking plates on its back and tail spikes that are very frightening because they are almost as large as some small children. As a charismatic dinosaur, Stegosaurus appears in a lot of children's books, toy lineups, movies, and generalized documentaries about dinosaurs. The genus is always used instead of a specific species, but bringing new eyes into looking at the genus level may eventually lead them to discuss the species differences and maybe even have a favorite species within Stegosaurus. The knowledge about the dinosaur has to start with simple facts like those from LiveScience and Enchanted Learning. In the case of Enchanted Learning, the art is typical of the site, but the skeletal and soft tissue anatomy presented entertain a better understanding by "lay people" (a phrase some scientists use for the public that I had heard tossed around lately and personally do not like) of the anatomy of dinosaurs. An educated dinosaur enthusiast is our goal here and as such I definitely encourage everyone to look over the site. It could use some improvement of course, but it is a good place to start which is the premise of all education. For those that like their dinosaur facts delivered by cartoons singing/rapping or talking to them, there are two videos.

The first video is new to me, from a website called

I'm a Dinosaur brings us a strangely team centered group of stegosaurs from Colorado. I like it.

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