STL Science Center

STL Science Center

05 July 2016

New Papers

Previously Compsognathus papers were discussed on this blog at the following link. Since that time other research discussing or using Compsognathus as a model taxon have been published. This is great for us because we are staying current and updating what we previously learned about our tiny dinosaur friends. These newly published studies include dinosaur reproduction (ovarian follicles and a debate about their existence). Dinosaur reproduction is always a hot topic and therefore an interesting and entertaining topic. Additionally, there are mentions of Compsognathus in new books written about the origin of birds. The mention is small but important as the discussion about the origin of birds is important information to get out to more and more people (there are many that still do not recognize that birds are dinosaurs). These comparisons are steeped in comparative descriptions of dinosaurs and birds that were published previously. To close out paper Tuesday I direct you to the Cambridge Journal Robotica. If one is not able to view the PDF on the Cambridge site, an alternate but older version of the material is available from Transactions of The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers. This may not be as current, however, it does include images of the robot in use:
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