STL Science Center

STL Science Center

22 September 2016

Famous Destruction

The size of Spinosaurus made it a much more famous dinosaur than Bahariasaurus back in the days that the two dinosaurs were uncovered and moved to Germany. After the Allied bombing that led to the desctruction of these two specimens the more well known, illustrated, and published Spinosaurus was mourned by science more widely than Bahariasaurus. The lone photo of Stromer with the femur of Bahariasaurus is the only original evidence of the dinosaur. Despite being compared to Deltadromeus, also known from the Kem Kem regions of Morocco and Algeria, we know that Bahariasaurus was of similar size to Tyrannosaurus and not necessarily Deltadromaeus. The connected legacy of Bahraisaurus and Spinosaurus continues on in illustrations such as this, which would appear to be in Todd Marshall's style, if it is not his own work (credit lacking online).

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