STL Science Center

STL Science Center

14 September 2016

Rearing Up

The mythology on the monster Jobar is rather thin online. However, we know a great deal about the anatomy and general morphology of Jobaria even without knowing if it really looks anything like its namesake. Jobaria has interesting forelimbs that appear to be slightly less robust than their hindlimbs. Possessing humeri that were less supportive than their femora explains the depictions of the dinosaur that we often see with its body sloped such that the weight of the animal is much more posteriorly directed and the center of the weight looks to be just in front of the pelvic area. The ratios of humerus and femur compared to their companions in elephants were the basis of the caudal center of gravity justification based on the idea that thicker femora enabled Jobaria to rear up on its hindlegs to reach into the upper canopies of the trees.
Sketch ©Paul Sereno, photo © Dan Liebman

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