STL Science Center

STL Science Center

05 November 2016

Bat-like Theropods

The very small theropod dinosaur Yi qi had unique fingers that separated it from all other theropods along with its sister scansoriopteygids, which were climbing and gliding arboreal maniraptorans of the Jurassic of Asia. A partial skeleton of the animal was described in 2007 and, as of now, remains the only skeletal remains that have been recovered or described of the small dinosaur. Yi qi, like its sister taxa, is assumed to have lived in the trees rather than merely climbing them and gliding down from them. The most unique aspect of the reconstruction of Yi qi is the bat-like patagium that was stretched between the fingers of the dinosaur. We can read the paper later that describes this, but for now, enjoy this Emily Willoughby reconstruction based off of the description:
©Emily Willoughby

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