STL Science Center

STL Science Center

06 November 2016

Facts and Coloring Sheets

The video collection WizScience produced a video showing and discussing Yi qi, which is as good a place to start as any in looking for facts. There are other videos to consider as well, such as Nature's short documentary on Yi and its hypothetical flight abilities as described by scientists up to and including research conducted in 2015.
The video from Nature is a companion to the 2015 paper that finally described the 2007 discovery.  The fact files are ultimately all the same as that shown by About, with a little bit of variation speckled throughout the different fact files. The facts are analyzed by a lot of different authors and the interpretations are varied depending on the way that the authors see the data and interpret the reconstructions. Darren Naish, for example, describes the "Dino-dragon" in a different way than it is typically depicted. In the realm of coloring sheets, two black and white drawings could be used for coloring. However, the drawings belong to their artists and are not available for my inclusion here. Therefore, here is a link to different versions of the interpretation of the dinosaur; one by Jaime Headden and the other by Sergio Perez.

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