STL Science Center

STL Science Center

27 November 2014

Well Known Ice Age Beasts

CollectA Megacerops
The fact that Megacerops is so well known that there are a fair number of popular outlets that enhance its popular culture reach. There are toys and references in books, though not in many younger reader books that show up online, and we know it has appeared in documentaries. The only terrible thing about all of this popular culture referencing is that sometimes the lineage of Megacerops still gets confused, lost, or ignored. Many people do not realize that these animals are not exactly and not exactly horses but are related to both; they are more closely related to horses we know. This is very important to note, especially since Kenneth Branagh specifically relates this information to the audience in the Walking With Series. Hopefully we will all remember that in the future since it has been mentioned so much this week.

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