STL Science Center

STL Science Center

25 June 2017

Tiny Facts

Chaoyangsaurus is one of the smaller dinosaurs we have discussed here and it has smaller facts and yet the same amount of fact pages as many of its larger ancestors, descendants, and contemporaries. These pages vary considerably but the information is generally similar or at least presented in ways that are appropriate for their target audiences. The most simplistic of these pages, as it always is, because the Natural History Museum of London wants to convey information as quickly and as easily as possible. Their page on Chaoyangsaurus is supposed to have a nice simplified line drawing of the dinosaur, but it is not loading for me today. Hopefully this simplified version of the dinosaur will load for other people. Prehistoric Wildlife, meanwhile, does not have any illustrations, but does augment the listed information with a very short written description of the animal. The Dinosaur Database takes both approaches and makes a single page with short written descriptions (shorter than Prehistoric Wildlife) and two different interpretations of Chaoyangsaurus. The two interpretations show the dinosaur as a typical, old school, taut skin reptile and the second version is actually the image shared yesterday. Despite this shorter interpretation of the facts, the pages all together paint a fairly complete picture of the dinosaur.

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