STL Science Center

STL Science Center

29 January 2018

Facts and Movies

Movies featuring the stocky marine reptile Placodus are difficult to find because it is not an animal that routinely features as a main character in documentaries, films, or any other medium that incorporates fossil animals. I did not find much in the way of fact films or many new or interesting fact pages online yesterday. However, there is an application created by Corinth, a Czech educational company, that contains information on paleontology related topics, including this short clip featuring Placodus. There are a number of short videos that display animation models of Placodus, though they are short clips with very little contextual information. However, these clips have been informed by the skeletal biology of the animal and, we hope at least, some knowledge, or consultation with people who understand, biomechanical principles of locomotion. This does not apply to the model presentation clips, like this short spinning clip. A knowledge of biomechanical principles is helpful, and probably should be required for clips like this movement test of a Placodus on a rocky beach. Potentially, in the future, there will be more animated Placodus characters in games, movies, and other media.

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