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STL Science Center

06 April 2018

Lagomorph Illustrations

The average image of Nuralagus is a rabbit looking creature with a very large body in a standing position. Some of these are on rocks and some of them are on grass, but they are all standing fairly still. Considering all of these illustrations, two are probably more useful than any of the others. Roman Uchytel and Darren Naish (I assume there may be others that have repeated this idea) both came up with illustrations of Nuralagus compared with other rabbits, or at least one rabbit, which shows not only how similar its inferred features are to rabbits, but also the size difference between Nuralagus and modern rabbits. The link to Roman Uchytel's site does not show the image I initially wanted to share; however, there is a very interesting version of Nuralagus showing the known skeletal remains superimposed onto the body, like in the Quintana, et al. 2011 manuscript. I appreciate that image though, because the comparison between the holotype of Nuralagus and the European rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus), is quite interesting on its own (see below if you missed the image in Quintana, et al. 2011).

Figure from Quintana, et al. 2011

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