STL Science Center

STL Science Center

22 July 2018

Cute Titles

Mussaurus lends itself to cute titles on webpages. One such page, from Mental Floss, is title 10 Mousey Facts about Mussaurus. The facts on this site address issues like the size of the animal and the misinterpretation of the remains as well as other issues in a serious manner; not at all what one expects from a cute website title. These facts are again summarized in a WizScience video, for folks without the time to read websites right now. However, if websites are your Sunday morning or afternoon reading material, there are far more than just the Mental Floss page shared above. There are also pages on Mussaurus on Enchanted Learning, KidsDinos, Prehistoric Wildlife, and a number of other pages (though this may be enough Mussaurus for most people in a day!).

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