STL Science Center

STL Science Center

04 August 2018

Skeletons and Popular Literature

A few years ago a book was written called The Unfeathered Bird that was focused on the anatomy of birds, showing birds as they are not often seen in popular literature. The illustrations for the book were hand-drawn skeletal, muscle, and even some feathered images of a wide array of birds, highlighting differences and similarities across a wide range of birds; hitting every bird in this manner would be a life's work and well beyond the scope of a single book. A follow-up work by the author and illustrator Katrina van Grouw was recently published titled Unnatural Selection. Though not a follow-up in the sense of focusing on birds, Unnatural Selection does continue as an investigation of evolution, anatomy, and high quality illustration of a wide range of animals. Over the next week I am going to go over some of the chapters of the book. We will also get to see some of the illustrations that grace the pages of the book.

We can get back to fossil animals next week.

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