STL Science Center

STL Science Center

30 November 2014

Strange Kid's Shows

In 1983 the British produced a claymation show called Moschops about a Moschops and his friends. Words can hardly describe what that show was, but there are those that swear by it out there on the internet and it may be worth trying to get past the fairly rough models today because it is supposed to be a children's show. A number of episodes exist, but preview for yourself before sharing these potentially confusing and scary looking claymation beasts with your own young ones. The show refers to Moschops as a non-specific dinosaur throughout its run, but nomenclature problems happen in popular culture, so we should probably let this one slide all the way home. Things that are not weird and exceptionally strange also exist. Despite not being a dinosaur, KidsDinos has a typical fact page put up that is useful for relating facts to younger interested parties. They use one of the dopiest looking illustrations of Moschops ever, but that is okay in the long run. About also has a page for Moschops. Thankfully the mammal-like placement and lineage is discussed a little here as well, since it is not discussed in any level of detail on other sites. For those of you that forgot, because it has not been expressly mentioned in the past day or so, we are taking a small hopping path up the mammal family tree starting was back with mammal-like reptiles.

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