STL Science Center

STL Science Center

01 December 2014

Jim Trainor, Not A Documentarian

Jim Trainor's short film The Moschops is the only short film in his fake "Highlights of the Permian Era" series. The science that exists in it is not the worst science out there, believe it or not, but it is certainly not entirely accurate by any means. The line drawings are typical Jim Trainor (to many that means they are awful). Usually on Mondays I try to only show quality documentaries and resort to not great documentaries where needed. This short film falls into the mostly entertainment category, so attempt to restrain the angry "That's not a documentary or exceptionally educational" comments if you can. The second part of the film, not linked here, gets a little more wayward (i.e. less G rated) with its treatment of the subject matter, hence my reluctance to share the link for that. The problem with a lot of these early mammal-like relatives of modern mammals is that there is not a lot of quality documentary clippings out there. The Walking With Series turns out to be, again, one of the more reliable nearly accurate shows, but it does not exactly discuss the animals we are interested in here today. The non-related Scutosaurus from the series Walking With Monsters probably best shows the posture and a similar gait while Edaphosaurus is probably most similar in diet. Unfortunately, of course, neither is Moschops.

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