STL Science Center

STL Science Center

07 December 2014

Hear and See the Near-Mammal

The fact pages abound for Thrinaxodon. Part of the popularity is in its inherent "cute factor" and the other part lies in its nearness to mammals. Whatever makes it popular, it allows us more of a platform to educate that critical next generation in yet another fossil animal! As noted, there are many sites to look at, including About and the Walking With Wikis which both present the information in a manner that is more accessible for all ages and reading levels. The site Prehistoric Wildlife presents the information as an essay, making it a little less attainable to lower level readers. A video produced by Menteon Learning also lays out this information for us, though does not go into too much depth. This is actually not a bad thing though, as it allows the video to appear concise and accurate in its information, though more information is available than is presented. I am both happy and sad to say that I have another Josep Zacarias link that could certainly be used as a coloring book image as well today. Happy for obvious reasons, but sad because I also found it online without proper attribution, and Mr. Zacarias is a hardworking artist and deserves credit for his work!

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