STL Science Center

STL Science Center

28 December 2014

Tiny Titanosaurs for Tots

The sites that discuss Ampelosaurus are ample (pun intended). About sticks out first because it comes about alphabetically first and because it does, as usual, a very good job of summarizing the key facts and has been written up into an easy to read paragraph also. The NMH of London also has a site dedicated to the dinosaur, but puts out a lesser fount of information than the About page. This is okay to a point because they do make it up a little with a nice quality original illustration. It is not the same of course, as having quality information. KidsDinos and Prehistoric Wildlife both have respectable fact files and nice illustrations of the dinosaur. The search can continue beyond those sites, but the quality of the sites falls off quite a bit. There is no quality coloring page available today either, but these sites should keep young readers busy for a while and the illustrations can easily be used as references to draw their own dinosaurs today!

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