STL Science Center

STL Science Center

07 October 2016

Italian Style English Dinosaurs

©Fabio Pastori
Proceratosaurus occupies the lower left quadrant of this study of proceratosauridae. The similarity in the interpretation of the skulls is expected, but the variation in those similar structures is well portrayed and expertly accentuated with shadowing and the hints of fossae and ridges within the the nasal ornamentations. The orbits are slightly exaggerated for general interpretations of dinosaur anatomy (other than Guanlong) but the feathery necks and heads are wonderfully modern. It is not necessarily accurate that every dinosaur was feathered, but there is enough proof in the theropod line that these tyrannosaurids could have reasonably had feathers. Unfortunately other, more recent and derived, members of the tyrannosaurid family do not possess elaborate ornamentations on their skulls.

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