STL Science Center

STL Science Center

12 October 2016

Like African Dinosaurs

Giraffatitan is a little bit older than Abydosaurus (approximately 45 million years older) but these two sauropods are quite similar. Extricated from 104 million year old sandstone, Abydosaurus possess a small head with narrow sharp teeth, for a sauropod. Three skulls have been recovered, making comparisons of variation possible in this genus. The nose of Abydosaurus is smaller than many other sauropods and is, like other brachiosaurids, located on the dorsal aspect of the cranium straddling the midline; as we generally expect a nose to do. The nostrils of that nose are noticeably smaller than most other sauropods, so much so that they have been used to diagnose the cranium of Abydosaurus.
©Nobu Tamura

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