STL Science Center

STL Science Center

22 October 2016

History for Today

This week is going to be a lot different from any other week that we have done here. A good portion of this week is going to involve a conference, and therefore it will be difficult to dedicate this week to a single taxon and do it justice at the same time. Rather than giving a fossil animal a short shrift on purpose, this week will be peppered by history notes on the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology, a little background to my research (without giving away anything), and maybe some highlights from talks that do not have limitations on tweeting and social media sharing. This is the first time that I will do anything of this sort at a conference and it will not be in realtime (this is mostly because I prefer to gather notes during talks rather than using my phone the whole time, no hard feelings people always on their phones!), but there will be some interesting notes I am already sure. Plus everyone gets to hear about my research; who doesn't want to know what I have been doing the whole time I've been writing this blog? This will be an exciting week, so try not to be too sad that we are not discussing a specific dinosaur or other fossil!

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