STL Science Center

STL Science Center

06 October 2016

Proceratosaurus at the Museum

Proceratosaurus consists of a single specimen of cranial remains. That cranium consists of mainly the mandible and ventral half of the skull plus an almost full rostral/premaxilla area. This area is what led Woodward to compare the Bathonian skull from the reservoir of the market town of Minchinhampton in western England with Ceratosarus. In terms of fossils, Proceratosaurus is a rather complete skull. The internal structure and the braincase are largely missing or unknown in Proceratosaurus, but given its typical theropod anatomy, these could be reassembled from other known remains to recreate the dorsal half of the skull. These sorts of recreations have been undertaken for years by paleo artists in portrayals of the dinosaur.
Figure from Rauhut et al. 2010

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