STL Science Center

STL Science Center

14 October 2014

Fees All Around

In the future it may be possible to read Cambridge Journals articles at home, without subscription or access to a library with access, but that day is not today. That is okay, despite when I complain about the cost of single articles. I do frequently wonder how many people drop $45 on single articles, but it must happen now and again considering the price remains. That being said, it is wonderful when articles are online, regardless of how old it is. The original von Huene article is available online through the Cambridge Journals site (though articles that old are typically much more widely available and disseminated online). An article 100 years after von Huene's description and naming was written by Benton and Walker which revisits and redescribes Saltopus. To make a long story short, for those that cannot read the articles from home, Benton and Walker (2010) stated that: "[Saltopus is] one of a radiation of small pre-dinosaurian bipedal archosaurs in the Triassic found so far in North and South America and in Europe."

Benton, M. J., and Walker, A. D. 2010. Saltopus, a dinosauriform from the Upper Triassic of Scotland. Earth and Environmental Science Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, 101(3-4), 285-299.

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