STL Science Center

STL Science Center

30 April 2017

Glyptodon Facts

The facts about Glyptodon are posted in many different places online and in a variety of videos. As I stated yesterday, many people recognize Glyptodon right away even if they do not or cannot recall the name of this large armored mammal. Because none of the videos that are posted about the animal show unique facts or interpretations of those facts that are not presented on the fact websites I will save the use of any websites until later. That, however, leaves us with copious amounts of literature to read about this interesting and odd shaped animal. The sites ThoughtCo and Prehistoric Wildlife present facts and detail some of what we know about the animal including its relationship to near contemporary animals and its descendants. These insights are, of course, useful in determining life histories, ecologies, and general life facts about Glyptodon. The Enchanted Learning site presents similar, but less, information about Glyptodon. It does, however, offer us a coloring sheet, something I have not posted in many months for our Sunday posts. Enjoy reading and coloring today!

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