STL Science Center

STL Science Center

11 April 2017

Researching Crinoids

Crinoid papers are everywhere. Crinoids are everywhere. The Crinoids have been researched across time in the Lower Mississipian, and in geographic regions like the Antarctic, and the western Atlantic. Character traits of various Crinoids have been research, described, and cataloged, with specific interests apparently heavily invested in morphology (including microstructures of endoskeleton), ontogeny, physiology, and even locomotion. Topics like the Permian extinction event are given special attention as well, as it justifiably deserves considering that this event was extremely significant in the overall evolution of this class of animals. These papers are, of course, just a very select few of the the published works concerning Crinoids and do not even begin to scratch the surface, but there are far too many works to read in a single week at this point in the history of Crinoid research. Enjoy the readings presented here and, if so inclined, go beyond through your own literature searches.

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