STL Science Center

STL Science Center

02 July 2017

Alphabet Dinosaur

The letter V is often filled in by Velociraptor but at least one child directed resource has used Vulcanodon as its letter V. In terms of videos and alphabet issues, we will dig up only the WizScience video and that only because it presents a nice summary of all of the pages that we typically share here on Sundays. These pages include sites like KidsDinos, which presents a short written summary of some of the information that we know about the Early Jurassic African dinosaur. This contrasts with sites like the Natural History Museum of London's Dino Directory which presents short facts along the side without excessive text otherwise. More extensive than both, and possibly even more extensive than the Wikipedia article that was written about the dinosaur, is the Prehistoric Wildlife page for Vulcanodon. This page presents the same facts and then describes the dinosaur in extensive details. It is a bit of a read, but well worth doing so for blossoming readers and dinosaur enthusiasts.

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