STL Science Center

STL Science Center

03 July 2017

Short Tributes

Vulcanodon deserves to have been in some documentaries or at least should have shown up in a cartoon by now. The Early Jurassic of Africa, in all honesty, deserves to have been better documented than it has been thus far in the history of dinosaur documentaries and cartoons; there is a lot of flora and fauna from that time that is interesting. However, back to Vulcanodon, there are a few sped up drawings of the animal on YouTube and a very few tribute videos. Since it is movie Monday, though, we will share one of those tribute videos. This video possesses the fewest questionable images (with sauropods there are inevitably a few images that are mislabeled). The music accompanying the video is tolerable as well; we have seen some that are better muted, we can admit that.

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