STL Science Center

STL Science Center

27 August 2017

Ancient Frog Links

Palaeobatrachus appears in a number of links and on a number of websites that are helpful for children and other fossil enthusiasts of course. The links range from very easy and quick reads, such as the Dinosaur Train Field Guide (which actually reads the facts to you), to more difficult passages like those found on the Prehistoric Wildlife and Encyclopedia of Life pages. The Encyclopedia of Life pages are actually heavily stocked with information about the fossils, where they originated, and what we know about the life of the animal. Anyone wanting to skip a little reading, or having the facts read to them by the Dinosaur Train conductor, there are also videos dedicated to facts about Palaeobatrachus. The easiest to find, of course, is a short from Dinosaur Train featuring Dr. Scott Sampson, as seen below (the audio of the current version available has a little echo).

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