STL Science Center

STL Science Center

22 August 2017

Short on Papers

There are not many papers hosted online featuring Megalibgwilia. Considering that these echidna ancestors have been known and described for almost 150 years, the lack of modern articles is somewhat sad and almost depressing. There are plenty of articles that make passing mentions of Megalibgwilia or compare the "giant echidnas" to extant members of the genus. One of the original articles describing Megalibgwilia by Owen in 1883 originally named the animal Echidna ramsayi and consisted of less than a half page of text. That abstract of a lecture by Professor Owen can be viewed in the archives of the Proceedings of the Royal Society here. Unfortunately, Dun's 1896 description of the other species, Megalibgwilia robusta, has not been hosted anywhere online. Print copies may be nearly impossible to find as well given the age.

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