STL Science Center

STL Science Center

01 October 2017

A Short Tour in Squirrel Dinosaur Knowledge

©Emily Willoughby
There is actually no WizScience video for Sciurumimus; this is possibly the first time in years that we have been able to say that there is not a video available for a given dinosaur from WizScience. There is an equivalent, or near equal, video in German from another source (follow this link). The majority of facts this week instead come from websites that we are very familiar with. These include the ever useful Prehistoric Wildlife, which as always, includes a number of well known facts and some lesser known items such as a phonetic guide for saying the name correctly. Those interested in images of Sciurumimus may be most interested in The Dinosaur Database site which has compiled illustrations labeled as Sciurumimus. Some of these are adorable, I am not going to lie, it is a tiny fluffy dinosaur in some of the illustrations. This may or may not be entirely accurate, but they are okay either way as they are artist interpretations.

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