STL Science Center

STL Science Center

27 October 2017

Iconic Representation

Deviant Paleoart via Creative Commons
As I have mentioned a few times this week, there are many illustrations of Majungasaurus out on the internet for people to view and be entertained by. There are many images of the dinosaur running, such as this one (though it is a bit skeletal). There are also interpretations of Majungasaurus roaring, which look quite frightening, to smaller dinosaurs, and is somewhat stereotypical, but nonetheless, classic subjects of illustration. This version of the mouth open posture is simply showing an interpreted gape and the rows of teeth Majungasaurus had in its mouth, which is nice to see and a nice inset to the main illustration. There is even am illustration on the National Science Foundation page detailing the hypothesized air sacs of Majungasaurus. These are all well done and worthy of note, but whenever I think of Majungasaurus there is one very specific illustration that always comes to mind. The image, shown here, is a specific view of the head of Majungasaurus in high detail. We could spend a day discussing, critiquing, and appreciating all of the illustrations here, but instead, as I am backdating this entry, we will move on shortly.

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