STL Science Center

STL Science Center

21 February 2014

Never Enough Hadrosaurs

Kritosaurus consists of two accepted species; one is questionable. This genus has been mislabeled some times as Gryposaurus but is in fact its own genus and is not synonymous. Named by Barnum Brown in 1910, the type species was named Kritosaurus navajovius in honor of the Navajo people of New Mexico, where the skull that is the type specimen was discovered. Brown was forced to reconstruct much of the skull, using Edmontosaurus as a template, due to severe crushing and weathering of the anterior portion; the most affected areas are constituted of the nasals, maxilla, and premaxilla but also affects some of the middle skull bones. The arguments for and against different alignments of Kritosaurus (as valid taxon and as a member of any variety of other taxa) is still being discussed and studied at this time, but for this week we are going to treat it as a valid and unique genus worthy of our attention and view the evidence both for and against incorporation.
Original reconstruction of Barnum Brown, presented in his 1910 paper

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