STL Science Center

STL Science Center

25 February 2014

Writosaurus Kritosaurus

Kritosaurus was written about Barnum Brown in 1910, as if we had not noticed this before when we discussed the naming of the dinosaur. Brown's announcement in the Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History is a rather detailed and somewhat short account of the fossil that Kritosaurus was described from. The morphology of a skeleton, discovered later, of course, was described very recently by Albert Prieto-Marquez. If one, other than myself, could get their hands on it and read it, it is well worthwhile. Skeletons attributed to Kritosaurus have also been recovered from Canada and Argentina. Whether these are, taxonomically speaking, actual examples of Kritosaurus or not has not been debated or overruled, but there is still contention in the species known and accepted, or not accepted depending on who is asked and when they are asked and the evidence that is being debated or has been analyzed. Reading the papers found here today should shed more light on the different sides of the debates and on the evidence that is presented by either side of the line.

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