STL Science Center

STL Science Center

11 February 2014

Papers Are Like Fossil Feathers

Papers regarding Beipiaosaurus are somewhat rare. The papers that are out there include a paper on the EBFF structures. This paper is short, but available online, and discusses the EBFF structure as well as providing a short synopsis of the early evolution of feathers. Xu has studied Beipiaosaurus for a rather long time, thankfully, bringing us the paper mentioned above in addition to the original naming paper and a paper that discusses a pygostyle structure that was recovered from fossils of Beipiaosaurus. Unfortunately, that naming paper appeared in Nature. Nature is a well known and widely read journal, but it is also highly protective of the work published within it. That original abstract is available online for anyone to read, but it is only an abstract and some of it is therefore lacking.

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