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STL Science Center

20 February 2014

Not As Popular As Carnotaurus

©Ezequiel Vera (A pretty awesome guy)
Whether it was the size of the dinosaur or those impressive orbital horns, Carnotaurus beat out Aucasaurus as the antagonist in Disney's Dinosaur. It also lost out to Majungasaurus in a variety of documentaries that touched on Abelisaurids. However, we know that it featured in Planet Dinosaur's take on Abelisaurids and we have seen it hunting Saltasaurus in said program. A YouTube user listing himself as Shaban Interactive has posted a number of lighting and modeling tests using Aucasaurus, though some are very inaccurate models of the dinosaur. They are not all bad, except the very inaccurate models. There are also many tributes and stock illustrations online, but I do not think we need to post links to those up here as they are easily found in a quick Google search. National Geographic, where the original highlighted image of the week came from, published an article that discussed Aucasaurus and what was then current dinosaur research at the time, which is worth reading. Their lack of popular material aside, Argentina can be proud of one of the most complete and well known Abelisaurids... even if it does have sad little arms.


  1. arms? you mean hands

    1. Not at all. The arms in general are rather small. Certainly the hands are reduced, but the bones of the arms are also very much reduced.