STL Science Center

STL Science Center

02 December 2014

Discussing Moschops

In 1936 Frank Byrne of Kansas State University named and described Moschoides which turned out to be a junior synonym of Moschops. It is funny in that Byrne specifically mentions in the first paragraph the large similarity between his new specimen and Moschops. Shortly thereafter, in 1940, Byrne published another article contemplating the evolution of mammal-like reptiles from the Karoo. In that article he again mentioned the similarities between Moschoides and Moschops without tying the two genera together. His discussion of the evolution of the animals is interesting though, despite this discrepancy. On a totally unrelated note, the fighting abilities, which I pondered for a moment or two on either Friday or Saturday, was actually studied and published in 1975 in the first volume of Paleobiology. Herbert Barghusen in Chicago is responsible for reviewing the fighting adaptations of all dinocephalians.

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