STL Science Center

STL Science Center

08 December 2014

Turning to Other Sources

As we have done many times, we have to go to a similar but different species to see anything like what the animal we are discussing in a documentary. Thankfully, the small near-reptile category of lifestyle was well represented despite being an animal other than Thrinaxodon. Labeled simply as "cynodont" in the species list of Walking With Dinosaurs Episode 1, the inspiration for the near-mammal was actually Thrinaxodon though it was not called that in the show. Knowing that, perhaps it is a little bit of misinformation to say that there is not a documentary that has Thrinaxodon in it. The animal is not entirely factual to Thrinaxodon alone however, and incorporates other near-mammals as well. Either way, watching it is beneficial.

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