STL Science Center

STL Science Center

03 November 2017

All The Pictures

What is the absolute best illustration, scientific image, line drawing, or photograph of a fossil of Helicoprion? If you cannot think of an answer, you are not alone. Is it this image of the estimated size of Helicoprion? It might be this image of all of the hypothesized Helicoprion morphologies (I saved it for my own visual delight).  The Mary Parrish illustration shared on Wednesday is up on the list of good illustrations for most people. There are a number of poor illustrations; we will not share those here today. My personal favorite, as we always see here on Fridays (feel free to share your own of course, but I write it, I choose it typically). The thing this week is that I do not really have a favorite. Some of the best illustrations are outdated and terribly wrong, despite their wonderful appearance. Mary Parrish's interpretation is wonderful, and Nobu Tamura's is as well (see Saturday's image). The image for today, rather than being a favored illustration, is one of my favorite photographs of a Helicoprion fossil. This tooth whorl is immense in appearance and its rolling form is somewhat mesmerizing. I almost cannot stop looking at it honestly.

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