STL Science Center

STL Science Center

29 November 2017

The Anthracotheriidae

Type specimen from Macdonald 1956
Anthracotheriidae were hippo-like ungulates found globally that are related to the hippopatomuses and whales. The earliest specimens originated in Asia and some made it to North America, but they are best known and were most prolific in Africa and Europe. One of the species that has been found in North America has a Sioux name, again bestowed upon it by J. R. Macdonald: Kukusepasutanka schultzi Macdonald 1956. The name means "Big hog nose" and Macdonald, for this genus, does not include a pronunciation guide; though he does thank Mrs. Lulu Standing Elk for help in translating the name accurately. The name refers to, in part, to the large tubular snout that the animal possessed. The cranium and an incomplete set of teeth make up the type specimen, seen here.

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