STL Science Center

STL Science Center

10 November 2017

Iconic Images

Probably the best Bison latifrons image I have seen this past week (before looking tonight as I write this sentence) is that of Davide Bonadonna that I shared on the Facebook version of this page. Rather than paste it in here without contacting Davide, I will link his gallery where he hosts his illustrations. A large majority of bison illustrations are not as exciting as Bonadonna's or include modern bison being attacked by wolves (if not a hunting scene with Native Americans. In the "non-action but still fun" category one of the best images I have seen this week is Christopher DiPiazza's B. latifrons at the watering hole. I think I like this image more because it shows an interesting level of curiosity not often associated with the big brutish bison and also because it has softer tones that contrast with a lot of the images we have looked at over the course of the week. Please feel free to share more illustrations that you like in the comments.

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