STL Science Center

STL Science Center

15 December 2017

Before and After Images

Hesperonychus, as we mentioned, appeared in a single movie and has not appeared in many other venues at all. There are some illustrations online and in dinosaur encyclopedias and other books. Many of the artistic impressions that exist of Hesperonychus are very similar in many ways. One of those interpretations was used to create the models for the movie screen Hesperonychus and the before and after images of this concept are similar, yet strikingly different from one another. The initial illustrations for the movie were a collaborative effort, as were the 3D final models, between artists. One of them, Philip Whiteley, has hosted the image seen here on his website showing the concept work and the final product. Notice the dimensional differences and the fluffiness that was enhanced in the final model. The feathers were apparent in the concept as well, and appeared fluffy, but seeing them retained and look alive in the movie was fairly fantastic.
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