STL Science Center

STL Science Center

08 December 2017

Drawings of Suzhousaurus

©Masato Hattori
Suzhousaurus is a fairly typical looking therizinosaurid theropod dinosaur. Because Suzhousaurus looks like any other therizinosaur in almost every interpretation that exists, this rather large theropod, estimated to measure approximately 6 m (19.6 ft) and weigh up to 1.3 tonnes, is not the most exciting dinosaur illustration subject. However, the least static of these paleoillustrations is Masato Hattori's low placed, high angled interpretation of Suzhousaurus standing behind short grassy vegetation. This interpretation has a shorter coating of feathers than what is generally depicted on therizinosaurs, but the feathering appears soft and downy; Suzhousaurus may not have been as fuzzy and warm as it appears here, but I do not think that should bother us. It is feasible that Suzhousaurus was more likely to be found in woodlands or at the edges of forests than in a plainscape, as this appears to be, but this view may not mean anything in terms of where the Suzhousaurus is supposed to have been living at the point in time that this illustration may be depicting.

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