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STL Science Center

06 December 2017

Papers and Anatomy

In 2007 Suzhousaurus was officially described and announced to the world as a "Large Therizinosauroid" of Northwestern China. The description available online through Acta Geologica Sinica (the English edition for those that cannot read Chinese characters). The description includes detailed color photographs of the skeletal remains as well as maps of the region from where it had been recovered. Therizinosaur specimens and their stratigraphic ages are also cataloged in the description paper. The phylogeny of the therizinosaurs is discussed briefly, but only enough to describe where the new dinosaur Suzhousaurus fit into the family tree. The description of a newer specimen in 2008 by Li, et al. contains more descriptive information about individual skeletal elements of this new Suzhousaurus megatherioides specimen that was discovered in the same general locality as the type specimen (Gansu Province). The diagnosis of some of the material is revisited and redescribed as well as the new material. However, the heart of this description is in the new material and stretches in great detail for a number of pages. Comparisons to other therizinosaurs round out the discussion, but the overall phylogeny of therizinosaurs is not broached in this paper.

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