STL Science Center

STL Science Center

17 February 2017

Life Sized Models

A model of Nqwebasaurus existing somewhere in the world is inevitable. The fact that it is in South Africa should be of very little surprise given that the fossils were discovered there. This model pre-dates the knowledge of the ubiquity of feathers and as such is quite a basic scaly dinosaur, but feathers in theropods this basal have not been ruled out as entirely possible as yet. The anatomy described in the papers we read this week is evident in this model. The digits of the manus appear to be quite exaggerated; however, in looking at the fossil we can see that the digits are fairly elongated. Impressively, the opposable digit is very well modeled here, making the forelimb look that much more terrifying. Possessing feathers or not possessing them, the models and illustrations we have seen this week of Nqwebasaurus are all equally interesting and make this basal coelurosaurian look quite dynamic.
Photo by William De Klerk

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