STL Science Center

STL Science Center

09 February 2017

Popular Whales

The most common avenue for popularity for any fossil animal outside of documentaries in current society is through video games. The hopes and dreams of many scientifically minded folks always want the number one area to be the museum but with so much electronic distribution of information these days the museum has fallen behind slightly but knowledge about animals. Curiosity generated through any venue or modality is extremely important in moving the research, future knowledge, and continued popularity of fossil animals higher in the public and scientific conscience. Seeing Basilosaurus featuring prominently in video games is somewhat intriguing to me. Its portrayal in Ark: Survival Evolved is as a highly detailed creature that lives within the underwater portion of this game's world. There are a number of videos for the whale, but this one made by Alexis Arcade, despite some interesting pronunciations is directed with vigor and excitement, and that is all I really ask for as long as the information, which in this case is that which is provided by the game creators, is accurately relayed to our audience. Anyone interested in a very long video with the animal swimming, fighting, and eating in game should check out Jimbob Soss' video here (38:00 is where the Basilosaurus comes into the video).

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