STL Science Center

STL Science Center

23 February 2017

Popularly Stupendous

Stupendemys is the largest turtle that ever lived, as far as we know as yet. This has not gone entirely unnoticed by fossil animal enthusiasts, paleontologists (professional or amateur), or by the general public. However, the sources for popular culture references are still somewhat on the shallow end of the pool for this amazingly large turtle. The only film reference to the giant turtle is from the straight to video Land Before Time V; I try to not acknowledge that there are movies beyond the original, but they serve as introductory videos to dinosaurs for some very young folks and that I am okay with. Probably one of the best places online to get information from a more amateur paleontologist sort of voice is this 2012 Lord Geekington (Cameron McCormick) blog post. Posting about a blog post in a blog post is a little strange, but given the lack of books and most other pop culture references, it seems a fitting way to end the post.

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