STL Science Center

STL Science Center

28 February 2017

Books on Parakeets

The definitive guide to the Carolina parakeet, Conuropsis carolinensis, is most likely one of the many books that have been written about the extinct bird. There are scholarly articles as well but the books have done a great job of discussing and describing everything about the bird, its life history, and its habitat. The newest book is a 2004 Snyder book called The Carolina Parakeet: Glimpses of a vanished bird. The book is comprehensive and well worth the cover price. Articles worth reading include the Kirchman, et al. 2012 phylogenetic relationship paper describing the familial relationships of Conuropsis. Because I live in Missouri I find the McKinley papers of the 1960's (The Carolina Parakeet in the upper Missouri and Mississippi river valleys and The Carolina parakeet in pioneer Missouri)to be quite intriguing. There are a number of similar papers for different regions times in history describing the world of the Carolina parakeet.

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